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AAC WOW!!! Those are serious allegations. Once again I am ignorant to these activities, but I want to take advantage of your vast knowledge. How many other bids were there? Who were the people that John was bidding against? Have the people who lost the bids cried foul? Did John participate in illegal activities at his previous establishment, The Crab Shanty? Just trying to catch up and you seem to have the answers. Please share.
"above average citizen" Sorry I missed the updates, maybe you could fill me in...I have read many times, from your post, that Pickup made mistakes, so that was not helpful. Since you pay such close attention to these meetings, as I do not, could you enlighten me to what the time frame seems to be. That would be great!! I visit this site because I don't pay attention to the council meeting and hope to learn here about what has happened. Also AAC, I was having some trouble filling in the blanks from you last post. Could you help me with that since Im new here?? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work with the meeting monitoring!!!
To Joe Sack Hey Mr Sack, You have used this site to update the residents of Rye about local government issues, much appreciated. The last question I had for you regarded the Central Avenue bridge, which you promptly addressed. What I want to know now involves more details on the money you said Rye is waiting for. Who are we asking for the money? When did we ask for it? When should we expect to get the money? Is there any chance we won't get the money? When was the last time we checked on how that process is coming along? Maybe at each council meeting you could give a detailed update on the progress. The check is in the mail attitude is starting to weigh on the residents patience. Thank you...
Hey A A C If the debate is about wrongful acts by John and how he achieved the permits to open his restaurant, I have zero knowledge on that entire process and the situation. I was just responding to the question of his prices, service and food. When you asked me about what I meant in regard to his prices and the view, I assumed you were continuing that point. Don't know anything about his accused dirty deals, nor do I care. I am new here so any bashing of The Grille was done before my time. Good luck with your pursuit of the evil Tiki master...
Hey I agree that the food and drinks are way overpriced, view or no view. I personally dont go there for the food or the cocktails. It is just a cool spot to hang out, watch a game, or listen to a band in the summer, some nights. If we are going to start complaining about the obscene prices of things here in Rye, I would think the list would be quite large. John's restaurant would be one of a 100 things. No? Don't here anybody here complaining about a $19 bowl of plain pasta with butter at Auroa, or a $22 salad at Rubys. Just felt The Tiki was being singled out for something that has been going on, on purchase street, for years.
To all the angry haters of the tiki bar It seems to me that there is a bias here against John and his establishment. I agree the food is sub par and prices are high, but I would never go there expecting anything else. A fruity drink and a great view is why I would go there. One day last summer Johns launch service picked us up from our boat, we watched the ball game on a huge TV, had overpriced frozen drinks and then were delivered back to our boat. Perfect night . I didnt expect anything more or less, nor should you. Funny, I never here anyone complaining about Sullivans restaurants charging $14 dollars for a small watered down vodka drink???..The tiki bar is what it is, dont expect more and you wont be so upset..
Joe Sack Thanks for speedy response!! Appreciate you extending your information to this site. If you have any more updates on the arrival of funds, please let us know. I don't see other government officials offering their time and help here, Kudos to you Joe!!
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Mr. Sack...Is there any updates or information on the Central avenue bridge?. It has become a major problem for many Rye residents and never seems to be discussed. Also I have heard rumors that many of the Central avenue residents, that now live on a cul de sac, are fighting to keep it closed. Is there any truth to that?..Please Mr. Sac, update us on the status of this embarrassing process. Thank You!!
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Joe Sack..Please have the council focus on fixing the Central Ave. bridge. It never seems to be a topic of discussion. The traffic on the Post road at certain times is unbearable due to the limited access. It really has become almost comical how long the repair or replacement is taking. The bridge needs to be fixed!!! Please get it done!!!!!
In regard to the "abused" biker. It sounds like in this particular situation the Honda driver was stressed and late, hence the venting on you. What concerns me is the behavior of these Tour de France bikers that ride in our city. For the most part they ride in the middle of the car lanes and expect to be treated as a member of traffic, but when it comes to obeying the stop signals or signs they never do. Countless times I have had close calls with bikers who don't obey the intersection rules. Its just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured. If these bikers want to ride where the cars are suppose to be they need to obey the rules of the road. Can't have it both ways
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