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Jon Thompson
Interests: Music, books, photography, travel, food and wine, cats, classic cars, motor racing, banjos, guitars and mandolins, and life at home with my sweetie.
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Hi, Eddie - Yes indeed, Volker's work was very special indeed. The man really had an eye and he knew how to select wonderful vantage points for his camera. Unfortunately, that story was written something like 25 years ago. At that time, I might have directed you toward his widow, who might know who now owns the rights to his photos. She has long since remarried and I have lost track of her. The one thing I might suggest is that you contact the good folks at Das Motorrad, the leading motorcycle magazine in Germany. If memory serves, Volker shot for them. They may know. I wish you luck with this quest. And I wish I could be more help. Finally, in the event that you haven't seen the Cycle World story, here's a link that will take you to it. Best - JFT
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Mar 15, 2010