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Josh Getzler
New York, NY
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Thank you Lynne!
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You know where to find me--and of course since last Tuesday, I've thought of ten new post topics. But not for a little while...
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Thank you for reading, Brenda--I really appreciate it. Not going away though!
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Josh Getzler It happened this morning like it happens every year. The emails started at 3 AM—Happy New Year! Welcome Back! So…about that manuscript. By 10 in the morning, there were eight; by noon, 14. Today is the first business... Continue reading
Josh Getzler I’m going to start this week’s post, as I typically do each year at this time, with a recap of my year with respect to clients and deals. But this time, as I’m winding down this blog, I’m... Continue reading
Josh Getzler As I get ready to give up my Dead Guy slot in January, I’m going to spend the next three weeks looking back on the past ten years in publishing. As I thought how to do this in... Continue reading
Josh Getzler The first week of January will mark 10 years since I rejoined the world of books and began working as an apprentice literary agent at Writers House. A ton has changed over the ten years, and I'm going... Continue reading
Josh Getzler Article to come about the ways agents and editors communicate with each other during the submissions process. Watch this space... Continue reading
Josh Getzler This is the first week in...a couple of months...that I've felt that the publishing industry has been truly awake. I had a day today without a lunch, with only one phone call, and the entire rest of the... Continue reading
Josh Getzler I want to talk about some differences between old and new procedures publishers use to evaluate books, and how it has changed the process of selling books. But it's midnight and I can't do it right now, so... Continue reading
Josh Getzler Been off Social Media a while. It feels...good, actually. Continue reading
Josh Getzler I think one of the reasons I've been blocked the past couple of months, and my posts have been mundane and insignificant (and for which I'm terribly sorry) is that it's felt just that--mundane and insignificant, rather than... Continue reading
Josh Getzler As I was looking through my posts from the past couple of months, I realized that between Jewish holidays, the end of the summer, and parenting three teenagers, my posting on Hey Dead Guy has been pretty weak.... Continue reading
Josh Getzler ...but this time I'll actually write the blog! From the Department of "Next Time Get Subs When You're Out For Four Tuesdays In A Row!" Tomorrow. Continue reading
Josh Getzler This is a space-filler so I don't miss my day. I just returned from 20 hours in DC that had NOTHING to do with politics, and I want to talk about it. But first I need to sleep--I'm... Continue reading
Josh Getzler It's been a hectic day, filled with meetings, submissions, taking kids to the doctor for their checkups (which confirmed that they are, indeed, teenagers, but didn't offer any solutions). I don't have the head space for a full... Continue reading
Josh Getzler (Before I start, one quick response to Jeff Cohen: You NEVER bother me. OK, I'm done.) So for three straight years, I went to Bouchercon: San Francisco, St. Louis, Cleveland, I followed the roving conference of crime fiction... Continue reading
Guest Post by Joe Newman-Getzler Recently, I watched a video by movie reviewer The Nostalgia Critic (ne Doug Walker). It was an editorial called “Can a Film Be So Good It’s Bad?” This caught my eye immediately. Naturally, there’s the... Continue reading
Josh Getzler Didn't have time tonight, between and it was all about the Olympics. And it made me not have to think about Continue reading
Josh Getzler A few years ago I wrote a post for Dead Guy about authors who use adjective after adjective because they think it beefs up their work. You can find it here: The Modifier Zone (If you can't click... Continue reading
Josh Getzler Greetings from Prague, where my wife Amanda and I ran away to for a week while all the kids are away at summer Things. We arrived yesterday, and today we spent the day doing two VERY different but... Continue reading
Josh Getzler Forgot it was Tuesday (Silly 3-day weekend). Post I've been wanting to write coming to you tomorrow. It'll be about the Modifier Zone Redeux... Continue reading
Josh Getzler So this morning we said goodbye to our girls, off for seven weeks at camp in the Berkshires. Sunday, we will drop The Boy at Skidmore for a pre-college program. As usual, I will list everyone's summer reading--a... Continue reading
Note from Josh: Author (and edior, and friend) Bryon Quertermous takes over this space this week. Bryon's in an interesting position, as both an experienced editor and a novelist, he sees the publishing world from several angles. Here, he is... Continue reading