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JG Heithcock
Pleasanton, California
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Marc, sorry for the late response. I don't follow the comments so closely. The forums and our Tech support are the right places for trying to work out these problems. That said, I followed up with our tech support manager to see where we are with these. The "content unrecognized" issue is a known issue in that we have heard this from more than one person, but have not been able to reproduce this in-house. One thing that can cause this is if the third-party class driver for the device gets turned on it will interfere with Retrospect. You can check this in the Windows Device Management window. You should be able to find the class driver and verify that there is a big red 'X' next to it. The SQL issue has been identified and fixed and will be out in the next update. The "insufficient permissions" issue doing live restores on some Server 2008 configurations is another bug we haven't been able to reproduce in-house. They are still working on doing so, it is escalation #23814. Sorry for the inconvenience, JG
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Hi Richard, I'm sorry you are having issues getting the upgrade. In the future, you might want to check out our forums at for information on where to buy and other information. For now however, here are the direct URLs: To buy Retrospect Upgrade: To buy new Retrospect (if you don't have an older version): Again, sorry for the inconvenience, JG
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Heath, I like your idea of having a list. Unfortunately, given the wide user base we have, between Mac and Windows, home user and server admin, we'd need more like a top twenty. I think, moving forward, we can set up an online system that Russ describes where folk can get updates on bugs they've reported. Regarding the media bug you describe, is this the issue where Retrospect reports that media is unavailable erroneously while it is doing a backup (this is a Leopard only bug btw)? If so, that bug has been reported to Apple and is under investigation. If you are referring to another defect, write back and let us know Wh1te_Rabb1t, we do test with factory equipment. However, Apple (and other computer manufacturers) change out the specific drives for the same computer model very frequently. The Mac Pro you buy today may well have a different internal optical drive than the one you bought six months ago. As for #2, that someone would need to be Apple as they control what is published through Apple Software Update.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2008 on Bug triaging in the field at Retrospective on Backup
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Just to confirm, yes, we will be using the the Mac OS System date format. The System Preference panel allows you to override the normal default as well as use custom formats (this is for the whole OS of course, not just Retrospect). Interesting thought on setting a "maximum size to backup". As you probably know, you could add a selector for not backing up any files over a certain size. I don't really know you would do that across a whole volume. Are you proposing to have a limit to how much to backup per session? The good news is that you will be getting better information about how much space the backup sets are using. We hope to have some screenshots of that soon. --JG
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Good comments. Regarding Maurice's suggestion of going with an HTML/AJAX based solution right off the bat, we investigated doing an HTML-only based solution early on. The rationale we had for not doing that and going pure native UI was: Users want a fully integrated solution. Many users would be unwilling to have Retrospect require running a webserver on their backup server. There were a number of operations that are difficult or impossible due to the security constraints of running in a browser. Developing a native UI would be less time than developing a cross-platform HTML based UI.The tools were not that advanced. (And compared to Cocoa, still are not). HTML/AJAX still has a lot of browser specific exceptions. Frameworks like SproutCore (used for MobileMe) does take a lot of that away, but when you get down to the metal, there are still a lot of exceptions to watch out for. For doing a bare-metal restore of the backup server, our plan is to install the engine and then just do a live restore from your admin box. JG
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