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We discussed this topic in class on Wednesday, as I've done for the past couple of years. Uniformly, and unsurprisingly, students fall back on the argument that only expensively-trained lawyers can possibly provide adequate legal services. This time I asked them to think about whether they would have considered a shorter, non-JD program as a pathway into a limited-practice legal career had the option been available. Nobody spoke up, but I think I saw some looks on faces that suggested some openness to the idea.
Teaching loads, not lads.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2013 on Increasing Teaching Loads at The Faculty Lounge
It would be interesting if he ABA required disclosure of teaching lads as part of law schools' consumer information.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2013 on Increasing Teaching Loads at The Faculty Lounge
I would love to read this book--but $99 for the print edition, or $79 for the Kindle? I understand you have no control over the price, and I appreciate the prestige associated with Cambridge University Press, but this price really makes the book inaccessible to most readers. It's unfortunate that a book on the ethical views of Dr. King, who spoke so much of economic justice, falls into the trap of the elitist pursuit of legal scholarly prestige.
I see that at least one SUNY Buffalo has posted a link to this post on one of the class Facebook pages. I hope that some students will take the opportunity to comment here and say for themselves what their expectations are and why they may not seek out face-to-face interactions with faculty and administrators. I suspect that Steve Mann is correct, that they simply don't see technology-mediated interaction as so foreign and separate from face-to-face communication. My further guess is that students expect their "business" interactions with law school--financial aid, academic advising, course selection, and so on--to be relatively frictionless and efficient. I don't think this expectation is bad, nor do I think it is unique to the current generation of students. I realize this statement may seem to be contradicted by your comments in a previous post about students who prefer to email faculty about deadlines rather than look up the syllabus. However, on the one hand I know that our faculty contribute to confusion about syllabi and course information by using at least three different courseware systems, and on the other hand, I suspect availability bias overemphasizes the number of students resorting to email.
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I'm very late to the party, but nonetheless: isn't Simon's position supported by Model Rule 3.3(2), "A lawyer shall not knowingly ... (2) fail to disclose to the tribunal legal authority in the controlling jurisdiction known to the lawyer to be directly adverse to the position of the client and not disclosed by opposing counsel"?
As Liam Neeson's character said in The Grey: Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.
Unfortunately, PDFPen lacks Goodreader's Sync feature, which I use all the time. I'll wait until PDFPen adds that.
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