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I appreciate the way you use non-gender-specific language, Bob. What do you say for all of the non-PR practitioners who felt they had the right to weigh in on the validity (or not) of PRSA's #PRDefined project? Would dentists tell the doctors association what they can or can't do?
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on PR: Stressed for Success at Flack's Revenge
After your well-received guest post on PR Conversations, I knew you would be a fabulous addition to Neal's Windmill Networking blogging team, Bob! (A-quality, only.) Looking forward to reading your January 2012 post.... And all the best for the holidays, too.
I remember that was one of the first things I asked you during our time together in Toronto this year: what was the reason behind you first coming to the USA (and what made you stay). Now the tale has been fleshed out a bit more in some areas.... I think being an Italian-American is a great fit for you, Valeria. The best of both (old and new) worlds manifests itself in you.
Elizabeth, is it LEGAL in France to ask young (or older) women those questions?! If yes, how appalling, in this day and age. (Valeria, I've shared this post in the Canadian Women in Communications LinkedIn Group, as well as directly with many female and male friends. I remember us having this conversation when you visited Toronto; great to see you refining it and posting about it. Let's work to move the conversations and writings forward!) Best, Judy
I agree that the majority of (so-called) "PR agencies" focus the bulk of their time on marcomm (or marketing PR); but there are other firms (or at least divisions within) that specialize in reputation or issues management. Regardless, reputation management is hardly a tactic, let alone something that should be given to the marketing department to handle. (After all, marketing really focuses on a single stakeholder: persuading customers that they want to buy the company's product or service. Public relations deals with a variety of stakeholders on a variety of programs, issues and varying levels of relationships.)
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Dec 8, 2010