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Jacob, was remembering eons ago when you hosted an RSS aggregator of medical topics. I think it passed a while back, but did you ever write a coda for it? Would like to read that. RSS is sort of on its 2nd life now, albeit lower key. John Gordon (aka, as you know, John F.)
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2015 on Nine year anniversary - New Docnotes at Docnotes
I dislike the graph because it obscures the real story -- morality increase in the no-college white middle-aged cohort combined with mortality _decrease_ in (all) Blacks. 1999: White no-college 601, Black 797 2013: White no-college 736, Black 582 Mortality _decreased_ for college whites. This is a no-college story. The study doesn't account for gender skew. Over the past 15 years the no-college white middle-age cohort has become much more male. Since the overall cohort has had increased mortality this isn't the entire story, but it may make the no-college impact more dramatic.
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Citizens need to take responsibility. In everything we do and write we need to stop blaming politicians and funders and journalists and start putting the responsibility on Citizens. This is a flawed and somewhat broken democracy, even a proto-oligarchy, but we're not at the end game yet. Blame, and credit, the Citizen (voter and non-voter). And end the filibuster. Of course.
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Jun 15, 2012