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John Hackney
Richmond, VA
John is a Mechanical Application Engineer with 25 years design expreinece in various manufacturing disciplines including converting and high speed pick and place machinery.
Recent Activity
I published an article the other day on how to batch plot all the drawings related to an assembly. A short time later a reader pointed out to me that there was a much easier method than the one I suggested. I am editing my article to reflect his method. This method also only applies to Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional since they are the only Vault packages that contain the batch plotting utility. I left the old article in this post just for the record, it is marked as such. Without any files selected in the main panel, select... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
This article will highlight some of the the improvements in the Inventor "Import" command when used to import an AutoCAD 2D drawings. This command is a part of the "AnyCAD" functionality which was first seen in Inventor 2016. The command functions in basically the same way but new functionality has been added in Inventor 2017 making the process easier and more useful. One of the main features, of using the command with AutoCAD drawings that has not changed, is the adaptive linking between the Inventor part and the AutoCAD drawing. This linking may be suppressed or broken at anytime. The... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
Recently I published an article on the Inventor "Redefine" command which was used to redefine the plane or face a feature sketch was created on. This article is about another valuable tool found in both in the part and assembly environment. In the title I placed "Work" to emphasis that the "Redefine Feature" command is used to change the location and orientation of any existing Inventor work feature in the model. The power of this process becomes evident if a feature or a sketch is connected to the work feature being redefined. In my model below, the side extrusion sketch... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2016 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
Designers who have been using AutoCAD for many years will agree that using a standard company AutoCAD template file to create drawings helps to build an engineering drawing library which is easy to navigate, edit and share. Using templates to create new drawings, sets up all the drawing standards making it very easy to follow company drafting standards. What happens when someone changes or adds to the template settings? This often occurs if your company uses drawings supplied by outside vendors. They are using your company templates but they may add a layer or a new dimensional style during their... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2015 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
Continuing with my discussion of the AutoCAD Block Attribute Manager, I would like to discuss some of the tools you can use to change, and sometimes add, properties of block attributes. Multi-line attributes are great in certain situations such as drawing titles. You have the ability to add the multi-line feature to existing attributes but you cannot remove the feature if it already exists. If you miscalculated the boundary area for the multi-line attribute, you can easily change it with the "Boundary Width" option. Another nice feature is the ability to create the block on layer "0", so it will... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2015 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
The AutoCAD Command line has been our guide to learning and using the software for years. It has gone through minor changes over the years but it still remains a backbone of the software for many users. Some users have turned it off completely withe advent of Dynamic Input and Heads Up Display with the ability to show the command line prompting beside the cursor. AutoCAD 2013 introduces dynamic changes to command line which may have some turning it back on and others finding new uses for the tool. First of all some things that did not change. It is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2012 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
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