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That would go down as the greatest shift ever if only the Flyers were playing still tonight. As it turns out, they are not playing tonight, so it is just a really good shift in another disappointing post-season....and maybe only the second best post today - DOLPHINS CHEERLEADERS
The Nat's announcers out douchd'd the Douchebag with that commentary
"That wouldn't happen in Philly" and "LA is a hockey city like Philly" are complete opposite statements. If LA was a hockey city it would happen in LA too.
See I though Voracek was hating on Manning - isn't "clutch" Czech for "douche"?
Where was Harnell last night is the question. He rarely misses an opportunity to be see out at an event like this.
Yes Boston fans suck but the real story here is did Jeff Vinik consult with Jim Henson Productions to come up with Thunderbug? I sure hope not but I have a bad feeling.
Flyers Ice Girls > Phillies Ball Girls. Really not even close
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2012 on UPDATE: New Phillies Ballgirls at Crossing Broad
absolutely brilliant chirp to follow her and call her bluff
The Sixers played a game? Didn't notice
Two pretty good lists but I am a bit shocked and appalled that the recent "Flyers Try to Name Santa's Reindeer" post didn't make either list. Your one-liner "We're mailing it in today" was just blogosphere brilliance.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2011 on Your CB Year in Review at Crossing Broad
Love the mask but how awesome would it have been if it was a images of batteries, snowballs,santa, puking, tasers, and jail cells.
Giroux for M V P - perfect combination of 4th line energy guy, sniping winger and play making center
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on Morning Puck: Giroux's Nice Flow at Crossing Broad
The second pic has great photo shop potential with the blonde
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2011 on Video: HBO 24/7 Trailer at Crossing Broad
I think after 13 years, Andy has lost his team
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on Anyone Know What This is About? at Crossing Broad
If the Eagles lose a regular season 1pm game, I can not watch another football game that weekend. So I don't think it is too far fetched to still not want to watch playoff baseball after the Phillies bow out (read take a shit) in the NLDS that finished off their most hyped and successful regular season EVER. It may not affect everyone to that degree but it sure should affect you for longer than the first game of the next series - looking at you Shane.
Nice Marv Albert reference #betterthanyouraverageblogger
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Sarah Palin Slept with Glen Rice at Crossing Broad
The Flyers would have qualified for a disaster draft if Homer kicked out one more player this summer
meanwhile, Danny B is at home crying in the fetal position felling dirty and used...
Nice job Kyle, you ran the Captain out of town #NeedsThickerSkin
sorry I got you into this but glad to see you turn it around into a great post
Congrats to JVR, easily an athlete I let my kids look up to. Same years and 75% less money but will still bring home more than Mike Vick #NotReally100MM