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designer, blogger, foodie... awesome!
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felicity from the american girl dolls!
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{1. crinkled mini bakers from Anthropologie, 2. Momofuku's grasshopper pie, 3. polka dot cake/pie server from Fish's Eddy, 4. pie funnel from Sur la Table, 5. A Year of Pies from Amazon, 6. Dean & Deluca's petite tart assortment. —... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2012 at Oh Joy!
OUTSIDE / An abandoned tricycle rounds the curve of a figure-8 on the lawn of this child-friendly home... ...while INSIDE, the décor is chipper and bright! Saturated and bold hues of color with the contrast of wood, cork, and wire.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. lavash crackers from New York Mouth, 2. painted wooden forks from Petit Moulin, 3. summerberry sangria mix from Terrain, 4. Gordy's sweet chips, 5. neon bowls from Wind and Willow Home, 6. beverage napkin from Target. — Joanna} Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2012 at Oh Joy!
OUTSIDE / While away the hours in the outdoor lounge at Hotel Azucar. This palm tree-lined paradise could be filled with... INSIDE brimming with color and metallics. Relaxing yet hip—I envision each room is filled with retro-inspired gold fixtures... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. Truffle Truffle mocha s'more, 2. hazelnut & coffee liqueur chocolate tumbles from Dufflet, 3. Stumptown coffee chocolate bar from Old Faithful Shop, 4. Grady's cold brew from New York Mouth, 5. Flying Donkey Espresso from Dean & Deluca, 6.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2012 at Oh Joy!
OUTSIDE / The Cloud House sits besides an inviting pool, proving that the architects at McBride Charles Ryan can balance playfulness and modernity. This house inspires... INSIDE that's all fun and games, but in a very grown-up way. What... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2012 at Oh Joy!
hi kiara - we do all of our own layouts in photoshop! thanks! joanna
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2012 on summer shindig... at Oh Joy!
{1. batik cheese slab set from Leif, 2. lasercut placeholder from Skinny laMinx, 3. Jonathan Adler block printed napkin, 4. caprice ice bucket from Trina Turk, 5. striped biergarten dining set from Terrain, 6. pink candyfloss paper plate from Shop... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2012 at Oh Joy!
OUTSIDE / Harry Gesner's Cooper Wave House perches over the Malibu coastline, flirting with the high tide and killer waves... INSIDE jolted with watercolor tones of citron, aqua, and tangerine. The furnishings might include a collage of materials—rope that... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. bee honey dipper from Graham and Green, 2. honeycomb candy from Liddabit Sweets, 3. honey dispenser from Target, 4. buttermilk & honey pancake mix from Dean & Deluca, 5. bee happy taster from New York Mouth, 6. Bonnie's Jams... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2012 at Oh Joy!
OUTSIDE / The Lodge's tree house sprouts from the lush Scottish greenery creating a grown-up hideaway... INSIDE that I imagine would be full of beautiful rustic pieces mingling with dark metal, raw slate, and pops of pastel. Perhaps, a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. "Perfect Pops" from Crate & Barrel, 2. Pandora Bell handmande lemon lollipop from Selfridges, 3. Williams-Sonoma mandarin tangerine snow cone syrup, 4. Salty Road salt water taffy from New York Mouth, 5. wheatgrass, pear, & vinho verde sorbet from... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2012 at Oh Joy!
When I lived in Brooklyn, I'd walk by beautiful brownstones at night and see glimpses of the homes, wondering about the families that lived there, what the inside looks like, and how it's decorated. Now that I live in Silver... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. barbecue trio from Dean & Deluca, 2. Jonathan Adler positano melamine dinner plate, 3. batik blackwood salad serving set from Leif, 4. Sur La Table condiment bottles, 5. barbecue utensils basket from Anthropologie, 6. smoked paprika Empire Mayonnaise} —... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2012 at Oh Joy!
Who Alison Conklin, Photographer who captures love, sweetness, desserts and everything in between. She's also a wife and mother of two adorable boys. Where Philadelphia Time 2:15 pm What's a typical dessert for you? Both of my children love to... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2012 at Oh Joy!
Who Tara O'Brady, freelance food writer, mother of two young lads, and the one behind Seven Spoons Where Niagara, Ontario Time 2:21 p.m What's a typical dessert for you? I'll admit a particular fondness for ice cream. Strawberry Swirl with... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. food cozy from Branch, 2. to go containers from Crate & Barrel, 3. striped steel flask from Ikea, 4. Black + Blum's lunch pot from A+R, 5. lead the pack lunch bag from ModCloth, 6. heart utensils from Poketo.... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2012 at Oh Joy!
Who James Ransom—still life, food, and interiors photographer and contributor to Food52 Where Inwood/Washington Heights, New York City Time 1:45 pm What's a typical lunch for you? I usually go for something light and easy, like a ham and cheese... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. Rhuby Madras recipe using Art in the Age spirits, 2. Gabbi's Achiote rub from Dean & Deluca, 3. mango lime salsa from Dean & Deluca, 4. Mara Mi paper napkin from Target, 5. Soda-Lime recycled glass pitcher and glasses... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2012 at Oh Joy!
any time, Hannah. thanks for participating!
Who Hannah Queen, photographer and food blogger Where Blue Ridge, Georgia Time 3:30 pm What's a typical dessert for you? I never order dessert out, so when I eat it, it's usualy something I've baked at home. My desserts are... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. Art of the Cookie cookbook from Williams-Sonoma, 2. compost cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar, 3. carnaby confections canister from Jonathan Adler, 4. Mast Brothers chocolate chips from Old Faithful Shop, 5. Beekman 1802 salty fudge cookies from Terrain, 6.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Oh Joy!
Who Sisters-in-law Megan Martin, author of Fig & Fauna, farmer, and owner of Onblonde Pet Spa & Rose Martin, photographer and weaver Where Jupiter, Florida Time 11:30 am What's a typical lunch for you? We usually assemble salads and omelets... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2012 at Oh Joy!
{1. ginger carrot pickles from Terrain and Blue Hill Farm apricot jam, 2. Opinel table knives from Terrain, 3. farmer's market basket from Anthropologie, 4. tote bag from Fleabags, 5. Lostine cutting board from Anthropologie, 6. beehive butter bound cheese... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2012 at Oh Joy!