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jordan hinds
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I agree with everything in this article. I lost my mother at the age of 9. Ever since i have been unsure of exactly who i am because she created me and I am half her. so without really knowing or remembering much about what she was like.I fear I don't know some things about myself as well.My father hasn't been around in years and I feel the same exact way about that situation except I'm not sure how much better off my life would be with him around.At the end of the day in a way i feel more original than other people because i sort of have to create my identity in stead of having parents to show me a little something about myself.I also feel slightly confused some days and I do wonder how my life might be different if things and situations were.
Halloween can be different things to different people. for most its a time for dressing up and getting candy and maybe a little scared.Mostly its all about the fun though. I think its unfair to say that Halloween would be considered a holiday set aside for laughing in the face of death.. Maybe drunk driving on Halloween would be an example of that. but not the holidays purpose.
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Jun 16, 2010