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to adagioforstrings I am looking, the relatively recent links I thought I saved amount to hearsay (old ones are on a Win 98 box that returns gibberish to sneakernet) so I am looking for better (not to mention that other hearsay indicates that the threat was "only" overthrowing him like the CIA had done his previous opponent) to amil imani You are going to need a lot of the guns on your side. Not necessarily shooting, as long as the other side recognizes that they would if whatever lines are crossed and the rulers and their thugs have an exit (exile?), maybe their client state of Syria. You are going to have to find some of those "guys with guns" that you can trust, however reluctantly, or you will lose. They might be brutalizing you out of fear for themselves and *their* own families. You could equip your people with the weapons smuggled to Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Queda (Iraq) alone. As separate issues you should be equipped to defend yourselves against the thugs. Short spear through the front wheel spokes on the motorcycle leaves them on the ground, dazed from the crash, and within reach of the people they wanted to injure. Trap some of the basij in an alley and have the bodies disappear. lay traps for the night time dorm attacks. Tienanmen Square the freedom protests stopped, and reputedly the body count then went over 50,000 in door to door executions. I suspect your ruling class would have no problem with that, and even think it a cheap price to pay in your blood to secure their power. Good fortune which ever way you decide.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on Iran Protests: Live at Atlas Shrugs
Everybody forgets that the first Iranian Revolution was aided by President Peanut Farmer, who threatened the Shah with assassination by the CIA if he used his secret police against the Mullahs, Imams, or Clerics. One of three things is going to happen. 1) they will lose. soon or late it will be a crushing defeat with a heavy body count if they settle for this option. If they do not hang tough this is automatic. 2) convince some part of the country's armed forces to stand with them. Look at the differences between Tienanmen and Red Squares, and the Orange Revolution. Some armed forces on your side causes the other armed guys to re-evaluate the likely costs to crush you. IIRC the images of young girls giving flowers to not-yet violent forces arrayed against the protesters (this will NOT work on the foreign thugs brought in to stiffen the oppression) If some of the armed guys stand with you you have a much better chance (that is why the Revolutionary Guard leaders accused of talking to the protest groups were jailed) They may lose (see above) or they may win with this method depending on how many they get and how willing all the guys with weapons are to go after each other. (if they don't kick out the ruling clerics, as a class, it will evolve into option 1) 3) WAR Unlike the first time, there will be no superpower like the USSR supplying weapons to the underdogs, nor the whole developed world protecting the Revolutionary Leadership abroad, and both superpowers insisting on leaving unbothered and in place the command and control people (mullahs, imams, and clerics)(interestingly enough for those with memory, the Islamic Revolution only started after the Shah insisted on giving women rights, and land reforms because the religious leadership owned all the land) I suspect the Islamic Ruling Council would accept the deaths of 80% of Iran, as long as they ruled the survivors. This means the Gandhi method won't work unless you get some of the armed forces on your side.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on Iran Protests: Live at Atlas Shrugs
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