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Blorg Fleebo
Every once in a while I get really drunk on the weekends and use this to leave inappropriate comments.
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To answer Sean: no, I'm not dead. I did bookmark the RSS page though. So that took care of that problem.
Usually the funny ridiculous parts of the Travis Bickle podcast comes from talking about TV shows, so I'm very much in favor of continued talk about TV shows. I hope you don't take this as reverse psychology (that would break my fucking heart!!!!!!!!!!). Torturing babies or babies playing with grenades is either something you don't see (enough) in movies or something that just wouldn't play as well in a movie. Even if that baby was totally asking for it.
Is it wrong of me to anti-recommend Serial Experiments Lain? The Live Like a Cop I want to see, but like it's got no seeds.
At the beginning of the podcast, the mention of grinding children to jelly under the wheels of your car reminds me of Bad Boys 2 where they drive a Hummer through a hillside favela in Cuba, specifically Roger Ebert's being horrified that "people lived in those" in the universe of the movie, as our heroes crash through them, with the slim justification of a throwaway line that it was where the main bad guy's drug processing was done. Naturally me and my friends would laugh about this, Ebert's terror at this dumb action scene, as well as it starting off with Martin Lawrence probably saying something like "don't worry, dis is wurr day make da drugz @" before Will Smith drops it into fif gear and vaporizes a little Cuban boy's head under the back tire, spraying red gunk all over his stunned parents, before obliterating more families against the greeyul. The real horror of this is that the movie isn't even as entertaining as this would make it seem. This comment isn't appropriate for this podcast though, probably more for the other podcast. All I know about Jim Woodring is that he made the art for Microsoft Comics Chat which is how Jerkcity is made. Can't wait to hear all about Jerkcity in this podcast!
Virtuosity just barely missed out qualifying for this list.
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Why does Jake Gylelanghsdlahgl have Nicolas Cage bird hair?
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I do have Possession downloaded, but I haven't watched it because I tend to do that where I download movies I think I should watch and then I don't watch them. I still have Antichrist and the original Straw Dogs just sitting here. And Valley of the Wolves Iraq, and Polyester, so on. But I mean I don't like fridening movies, I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIDEND
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This won't help anyone, but the movie is called Hummingbird in the UK because that's slang for an unmanned drone.
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This post says the episode of the podcast has the worst intro of any episode, and so I listen to it, and it actually has the BEST intro. Why did the description lie right to my face without any remorse? I don't like being lied to like that. I resent it.
This is Shane Black's first PG13 movie right? That's why the violence wasn't surprising to me. Here's an unfair and inaccurate comparison for everyone: Shane Black is to movies as Mark Millar is to comics. Because the honky protagonist is always shooting black people. Well, in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang anyway. I did say it was inaccurate. And yet, it doesn't justify me saying it. 8)
Dirty Work has my favorite ADR joke, when they're in jail and Norm says "you know what hurts the most is the lack of respect, well that and THE OTHER THING" and you can tell "the other thing" was so obviously dubbed in over him saying ANAL RAPE to avoid a ratings change. Much like Galaxy Quest before they go through the mashers and Sigourney Weaver says "FUCK THAT" and they dub in "screw that" instead. I was gonna come here and say HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE blah blah but the movie is extremely deadpan, and it's not non stop comedy. Like my favorite joke in the movie is HEY ARE THOSE HOOKERS? I MEAN.......... WHO ARE THOSE GIRLS? And any other hooker line in the movie, I never seen so many dead hookers in my life, David Koechgkdhgner suddenly screaming THIS IS A LIVE COMMERCIAL before composing himself, as if anyone did live commercials in the 90s anymore, every fawkin thing in the movie has the most godawful paper thin premise and I love it. Like one of the revenge things is at a carnival just so Norm can say into the tape recorder "note to self, I don't want to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!" But then I would just be sitting here all day typing lines from the movie into this text box. Why didn't he punch you in the stomach? I HAVE NO ~*~IDEEEEEEEA~*~ Don Giovanni who's that DUDE etc.
As soon as I saw the Cable Guy screenshots I knew this would be good. I mean, I hadn't listened yet BUT COME ON I'm saving it for later. I actually did listen to all of the previous ones so far as well which were still good.
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The Billy Zane movie mentioned in this was Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, and I think it was a Turkish movie (one of our "allies") and it would be awesome to have you guys watch it for this podcast. I actually did want to see that, a few years ago I tried watching the big splattering of Iraq movies people were trying to make at the time, like Redacted, Rendition, Lions for Lambs, In the Valley of Elah. By the time I got to Stop Loss I gave up, but I never got to find Valley o Woofs Iraq and I still kind of regret not seeing that because it looked like it was awesomely bad at the least.
What is Tucker taking a nap? BOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Although actually I thought this was a really good episode.
I listen to all of these podcasts and stuff, but whenever there's no Comics of the Weak on Friday noon at the latest I'm like LAZY PIECE OF SHIT and flip my desk over and all that. It is cool to hear other people like Gamer by the way. I was surprised I ended up liking that movie (until I saw it was by the Crank guys and then I wasn't surprised).
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The story of the guy in the car, where Cowboy Bebop was the only show he could fully watch, I would say that's really overselling it. I think there's problems with that guy. That said it's very entertaining and I think the show itself was great. I thought the movie was kind of a letdown though, because the tone and the action and the characterization I thought was done so much better in the show. CERTAINLY BETTER THAN GANTZ
PS from the beginning of this podcast, I think the "movie where they're shooting meat" could have been the wonderful documentary Wanted starring Angelina Jolie.
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The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Quantum of Solace is near the end Bond and the girl are in some burning building and he is like CLOSE YOUR EYES as he holds the gun to her head and they sit there for a couple of seconds, but then he shoots the explodey barrel so they can get out, and it's like, did this movie seriously just try to fake me out with the idea that Bond might kill himself? It was that and a handful of other things that confused me so I just don't remember the movie with much fondness and I can't help that. I really liked Skyfall though.
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So Geoff Johns is like the Sammy Hagar of comics. Willpower and fear are the two only ones that matter still, and then avarice and compassion and fuckin uh uh whatever the other ones are (mild concern, apathy, foot itching) are like the dummy prizes of rings. It's not that bad as a premise, but only if you don't do something really stupid and obvious, like treat fear as something that's inherently evil, just as will isn't inherently good. Then again I haven't read a lot of Green Lantern things to know, there could be a lot of in depth deconstruction of the inherent traits and flaws of each emotion. All I know is that the comics have a lot of people or evil space cats flying around space shooting pshoo pshoo colorful lazoar blasts at each other. Granted that does make for a better actiony superhero comic than everyone standing around talking about their feelings (maybe crying, shooting hug rays from their rings). So in that sense Geoff does know what's best for the comic.
Personally I think Geoff Johns doesn't get the right kind of derision for the Green Lantern stuff. It's not that it's violent. It's that in the first or second issue of the reboot, Sinestro (I remember him from the movie!) is flying around after getting a ring again, talking to himself about Hal, and how Hal once referred to him as a FASCIST! And I thought, why would this guy care? Would the word fascist even have any significance to him? "He said I'm pertaining to flesh, that upset me." If a guy rules his whole planet as a dictator, are you really going to shame him by pointing out that what he's doing is the thing that he is doing? I couldn't get over that one single sentence, so I couldn't read it anymore. I dunno, that might be my fault.
Looks a lot like Call of Duty (Modern Warfares anyway) especially when he goes all knife for bonus XP challenge. The top related video there is Universal Soldier Regeneration... the entire movie. Might as well watch it.
What happens in Universal Soldier Regeneration? Is there kicking?
Well now I feel mildly shitty for recommending further reading of Gantz. It really is tits and violence, the reason I recommended continuing it is because I remember there's a whole series of volumes where they fight VAMPIRE DUDES IN GANTZ OUTFITS that goes a polite shade of nowhere and then after that is one gigantic dude that NO WEAPON CAN KILL but they kill him somehow, I don't even remember how. The only reason I recommended continuing to read Gantz is because after that is the literal holocaust. Like the part in Schindler's List where everyone's running a track naked, it's like that, but with aliens and Japanese civilians. It's not as good as Schindler's List, it's just somewhat reminiscent. I'm only hoping it's drawing to a close soon, otherwise I really am a sucker motherfucker full of wack jam. The thing is I'm reading from fan scans instead of the official releases, so I don't know how far up that goes.
I like the goofy boing sound at 2:40. Kind of appropriate for talking about a phoenix.
Awesome, thanks. :3 I'm definitely a fan of the podcast, even when you guys occasionally talk about comics I've never heard of (usually dem French ones or sumpfin).