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Well stated, Dawn! Yes, Charlie Sheen is replaceable. Perhaps this become another actor's shining moment. With luck, it will be someone who can manage fame with grace. That's probably the hardest part of their jobs.
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I'm intrigued by the idea of data products created from news information. What would they look like? I could imagine one product, for example, being an interpretive bundle of stories about the same topic, perhaps tracing its coverage over time. I can imagine content analysis products, perhaps providing the ability for users to research how often a certain idea, person, or even a phrase has appeared in the press during a particular period of time. I can imagine tools for academics to supplement their research through such content analysis tools. It is going to hinge on better data storage and retrieval solutions for all that transitory news information, so we can mine it for deeper messages. Who would pay for this, however? And would it be enough?
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Can you provide a link to the other post about this George Bellows painting? Your comments are intriguing.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on December 12,2008 at Art Spirit
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May 10, 2010