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Jennifer, I am sad to see you leave, even though our paths are not crossed frequently. You had touched Syracuse and left a very positive mark on it, and for that I am grateful. BTW I was given honey for Christmas from bees that make their home in Lower Manhattan! Have tried it yet. I'm thrilled that even there nature is producing food for the rest of us.
Good to see you at the Regional Market yesterday. Thought you might be interested in this gluten-free baker, I haven't had her stuff, but she's now delivering goods to Jen Comfort's place in Manlius (
Jennifer, as various recalls come and go, I'm always heartened to see that "whatever it is" is something we tend to purchase from a local farm (or in a very cases, grow ourselves). You're correct that even a local farmer can run into quality problems, but you'll also very correct that getting down to the root cause would be much easier than figuring out these behemoth food "manufacturers".
Congrats on the triathlon! I know others who have gotten the bug (but not me). And I thank our lucky stars for being able to purchase eggs straight from the farmer at the Regional Market!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on How Good We Have It at Cookin' in the 'Cuse
Thank you for putting "pen to paper". With my non-SLA hat on, I think it's fair to say that conferences are in the midst of change. We now have a number of virtual conferences popping up, which fit into some budgets, etc., better in this economy. We've also become accustomed to being able to "visit" vendors (and customers) without traveling. Yet there is nothing like seeing a vendor and "kicking the tires" in person, then going and kicking the tires on a similar product. Can we get people to think about using their time in the exhibit hall to do mini-trials? What information would people need in advance in order to make that happen? Maybe, too, we need to educate our new attendees on how they can use the exhibit hall to their advantage (product testing, building relationships, etc.). My best exhibit hall experiences were when I needed to visit all of the vendors of a similar ilk. The exhibit hall became the perfect one-stop shop to talk, test, and compare. While I might not have made a decision then, that experience made me more prepared to make a decision later. What made that experience possible what not just that all of the pertinent exhibitors where in the same hall, but that it was clear who the competitors were. How companies define themselves (or are defined by the exhibit hall directory) may inhibit that experience. Is there something that the organizer (or even the exhibitors themselves) could do to ensure that people interested in X clearly know who to visit? Finally, you said that SLA needs to expand who it attracts to attend the conference and you list a few job areas. As a vendor, you need attendees who are in a position to recommend or buy product..and..yes, you will see SLA continue to attract managers and leaders who have purchasing responsibilities.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2010 on SLA 2010 – Hot and Cold at AlacraBlog
One other place that was new to me and awesome was Kalzonies. Great calzones (bacon chicken ranch!!) and everything was a buck! Totally agree on Caribbean King and Arby's. We were there Saturday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised that we could move through the crowd easily. I wonder if the unpleasant massive crowd last year plus the talk of rain kept people away? And it also seemed like there were fewer food vendors. Do wish that the specialty beer tent and wine tents were more centrally located.
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Jun 7, 2010