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I don't want to go into details but I am very lucky that we have people in our lab who hold down the "wisdom end of the spectrum". Productivity is a function of papers produced but also postdocs mentored, young researchers mentored, summer students guided. And let's not forget effort saved by this writer when told that what I am doing seems to make sense but really I ought to be doing Y instead of X.
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Please help out the non-economist. I downloaded the long-term report on Ontario's economy ( and looked at Chart 12 which shows that Ontario took a bid hit in the early 1990s and 2006-2010. But otherwise GDP was growing pretty well to my untrained eye. So instead of worrying about Ontario's decline, shouldn't we celebrate other provinces getting richer?
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@Nick and @Francis: I's like to echo Frances' comment in a different way. I dislike Krugman's comment "And maybe we should consider make-work jobs just a form of transfer payment, so that employment, properly measured, doesn’t rise either — although I would quarrel with that; a job feels like a job whether or not, in the judgment of an outside observer, it’s adding value." Sorry, no. A menial job in which you know you are contributing enhances, dignity, well-being, and social cohesion. A job in which you are merely digging filling holes does not. Now, if between digging and filling the hole you place an acorn in the ground, the physical labour becomes meaningful. A jobs program is great when needed. But build something useful - a park, a road, a new cross-country-ski house (to use a local stimulus example).
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Mar 12, 2011