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You're welcome, Julie. Glad it was helpful. :-)
I agree about Kindle. Marcher Lord Press books are available on Kindle. It's a great way to sell your books. You can do it yourself and it's free. Donna—Look into homeschooling conventions and homeschooling organizations by city or county. See if you can get a table at an event or visit their group during a national book reading week or something they could connect to their curriculum. For churches, schools, and libraries, call and ask for the person’s name and mail your materials directly to that person. I'd also look into speaking at MOPS groups if I were you. Mothers of Preschoolers is a national organization for Christian moms with little ones. They are always looking for volunteer speakers and they'll let you put up a book table. And, when one MOPS leader loves you, they'll tell the others group leaders and you'll get more offers to speak. Brainstorm all the ways you can get in front of Christian parents and grandparents, too. Maybe local Christmas bazaars and such, gifts to ministers and lay people with small children. I’m a pastor’s wife and when I find a book I love, I will often give it again and again.
Cool post, Chip/Jeff. I didn't know all that about the marcher lords. I think you should publish a novel about one of those guys, Jeff. That would be cool. :-)
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Mar 27, 2010