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I fully agree on the need to give delivery company employees Christmas Day off to allow them to spend the day with their families. Eventually everyone will get their parcels and their electronics will work or the print will still be in their book in spite of the delay. (One has to wonder if the procrastinators thought Amazon had already implemented "drone' delivery.) The heroes working overtime on Christmas Day this year are the electric power utility workers, many of whom have come from other cities. who are trying to restore power to the over 80,000 customers in the Toronto area as a result of last weekend's ice storm that attacked southern Ontario. At one point over 300,000 customers in Toronto did not have power. My own son's home finally had power restored around 4 p.m. on Christmas Day after a three day outage. This really defines, along with healthcare personnel, who really needs to be working on Christmas Day.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2013 on For Some Santa Didn't Come at VoIPWatch
Last summer Skype had a few developer job openings in London specifically related to WebRTC. Will be interesting to see what shows up.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on WebRTC Chatter, Thoughts and More at VoIPWatch
Through a friend who is managing redundancy for a major Canadian bank I have learned that it means huge expenses down to the level of power source redundancy. They even have power lines in from two major generating stations well separated geographically. And then it's all augmented with a lot of battery backup. Yes, it can be done but complete redundancy can get very expensive and resource demanding.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2012 on United--Where's The Redundancy? at VoIPWatch
From a Canadian perspective this is most interesting and amusing. Rogers recently ran a one or two month tethering trial and made it permanent about a month ago. You can tether both iPhone and BlackBerry; they give instructions on their website. It simply uses up the iPhone or BlackBerry data plan at NO additional cost. And finally I may go above 1GB on my 6GB per month iPhone data plan since it's my MacBook that I take on the road.
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iPad does not fully cover the feature set of the actual product. Check out Apple’s iPad: Why iAttaché Would Have More Cachet!
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