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I sent e-mails to Casey and Specter from PA. For what ever good that might do. I also dropped an e-mail to Jim Quinn at
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All you have to do is find some P-3s that the airframe isn't falling apart on, and then go to the ammo dump and dust off some CAPTOR mines and have a drop-ex. Blub blub blub, no more Ruski sub.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2009 on Russian fists clenching at BlackFive
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I don't know which side I fall on. I have seen the best and the worst of this issue. I have served with a man who's homosexuality was an open secret (before DADT)and was one of the finest people that I have ever met. I have also served with a man who's homosexuality was a closely guarded secret that only came out after he was charged with the murder of a friend of mine. All of this happened when I was in the Navy in the 80's. (Specifics can be provided on request from the webmaster, but I won't post them openly) To me it depends on the individual's behavior. Unfortunatly all anyone sees it the antics of someone like Perez Hilton and that becomes the stereotype.
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Since when does our Court system follow the written law? It runs based on precedent. All it takes is some Judge to rule that this law applies to the Blackwater people and that is it. Considering that the DOJ gets to choose the Court in which this case will be heard, I think it pretty likely that the Judge will rule in DOJ's favor. Nothing beats a stacked deck.
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"I am certain the Obama administration will diligently pursue this scumbag and the rest of those who sell state secrets to the media." I wonder what Medal they will give him?
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Doug, That would create a mutation, God only knows what would come out of it, but it wouldn't be pretty.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2008 on Corporate DNA at Coyote Blog
There has to be something seriously wrong with someone who would jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.
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