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I mail the Republican Party fundraising surveys back to them adorned with a sticker that says Sorry! I make my candidate contributions through the Senate Conservatives Fund which was set up by Jim DeMint. I also write a little note asking them to follow the leadership of Republicans like him, Bongino, Lee, Cruz, West, Gohmert, Palin, Overstreet. I also support these and lesser known quality candidates individually. We need to find and support great candidates who we are proud to support so they can defeat the lousy candidates and incumbents.
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Mar 5, 2013
Hi Susan, and bless you. I did not comment because as a screenwriter, he did all the work for me. He told a complete story that happened on the other side of the TV screen that we watched 20 years ago. We saw the Denny beating from the outside, he saw the mayhem from the inside. It left me quiet. I do not know what is coming, but there are some ominous signs in our increasingly virtual world. The media is a combative place, especially at lightspeed. I don't know what will happen as the welfare state reaches it's limits. Will the fools at the top find new duct tape, bandages, and storylines? Will we boy scouts need to use and share our guns and food storage? I believe that a significant part of the population will continue to stay in touch with the Lord and follow Him through this storm. As the fools at the top do everything wrong, we become more concerned and look to our hearts and each other to be the government as originally designed. Jim
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Thank you Susan for opening the good discussions among us. I am wondering if age and experience and attention to our society and politics fills our little noggins with shock and perplexity. I am wondering if society and politics out there in front of our eyes has always lacked coherence and logic and efficiency and justice. This is the world we live in, and God allows us to be very messy. Will it ever make more sense or get fixed? I wonder. I too sometimes wonder if something big and different will occur to correct what seems to be a disaster coming at us. But is my perception complete enough? What if God has a road ahead that none of us has been able to conceive yet? Homeless is a modern term, they used to be called bums, hobos, losers, psychos, winos. All could have a home but they choose otherwise. We can try this and try that, but until a connection is made with the surrounding society, there will be no "home".
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Agreed. Absolutely. Thank you both for ploughing through, with singleness of vision. We must communicate clearly, and honestly. Mitt may not be able to perform the way we want him to, because he is Mitt and he is 65 and he is an old soul. His premier ability is not communication, but execution. And perhaps character, persistence, resilience, wisdom, even holiness. We just may have to trust that these are the gifts that God has appointed in this election.
Another great ritual. I can see this as a good way to force family members who do not like each other and never have to get together to actually interact in person for an extended period and present an opportunity for the Lord to reopen the interpersonal channels and work on the sickness.
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Well first we flew our Betsy Ross flag with 13 stars and stripes. And then we read the Declaration of Independence like many others around the country who had been reminded and urged to do so. I was elated to be going through a significant and accelerating period of reckoning before our very eyes, as union and Progressive tyranny finally seems to be cracking and ringing hollow. I was resigned to the will of God being the final arbiter. I fight daily for the righteous future of our country, and I am prepared to surrender to the timing that God has in store for us, feeling strongly that we will not be disappointed this year. The fools have blown it, and only the devil can give them another mulligan.
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Jul 10, 2012