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Jim Easter
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Clearly, I need to set an alert for when your feed is updated. Welcome back! When Parker and Spitzer was launched, I remember telling my wife that I didn't expect to watch the show. "To tell the truth, I don't think I could get past the moral turpitude." I mused, "And I'm not too wild about Eliot Spitzer, either." But seriously, folks. It is good, at every opportunity, to rub J.B. Handley's nose in the harm his looniness has caused -- but let's not expect any change in behavior. His entire life is now based on the proposition that vaccines cause autism, a position he has defended for years with absolute conviction and the drama of a tent-revival. He is so far out on that limb that he can't see the ground anymore, let alone climb down. At this point there is nothing for it but to saw him off. In other news, Orac gave you a nice nod at Seth Mnookin's blog for your pathbreaking expose of RFK Jr. Still a great post, and still well-remembered.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on The Very Confused JB Handley at Skeptico
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Jan 25, 2011