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Jim Henderson
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Thanks John Here are some thoughts I shared recently on my blog about the Outsiders Interview I did at Q Place
Bill You talk like a friend of Bill W. I found your post per Driscoll on FB. I really enjoyed your clarity and transpaency. I live in Seattle and along with several local leaders have been "following" Driscoll for almost ten years. For what its worth - you aren't alone and you aren't stupid. People in Seattle feel these things even more keenly. We have been discussing how to respond to these periodic outbursts. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see something that resonates help us spread the word. Driscoll may be a Christian but he is one dangerous one especially for thousands of young people many of whom I expect will experience a Driscoll melt/breakdown in the future and not only walk away from Church and Christianity but also God. MHGS may not be a cult but it is definitely cultish
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Jul 23, 2011