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How plants react to the death cries of the shrimp and other living organisms have finally been explained scientifically. The simple truth is that plants can recognise every single vibrational wavelength from the smallest to the largest and as everything in the universe vibrates, plants recognise everything. The understanding of how it does this is all to do with the properties of water. Water has the ability to change its vibrational pattern depending upon the environment in which it is in. As all living organisms including plants, have water content, it is through the properties of water that Cleve Backsters ideas work. In fact once you read all of the evidence in the book Blinded by Science, the fact that plants can recognise emotional intent, will seem inconsequential compared to all of the other ideas that are suggested. I found the book at and for some reason it is free at the moment.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on Intelligence and Energy Fields at kilobugs's blog
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Feb 15, 2011