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Atlanta, GA
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I've been a member since June 24, 2004 (member# 768289) and agree that LinkedIn is greatly underutilized and misunderstood. I'm currently in a job search and have found LinkedIn to be invaluable for finding how I'm connected to potential job opportunities. Many of which are though former colleagues I would have otherwise lost touch with over the years. One convention I've adhered to over the years is to on only connect with people I have some kind of business relationship. There have been exceptions, but as a rule I find that it has provided more value than having meaningless connections. Before sending or accepting a request, I answer the question "How do you know...".
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This is a great start but I'm inclined to agree with Rick, it needs input from HR and the CIO. HR needs to weigh in on privacy, appropriate usage and what happens when an employee is terminated. There's likely to be company information that needs to be removed. The CIO and IT Security can provide input on password requirements, support, restricted software and approved devices and encryption. All of my customers are at various stages of implementing a BYOD program. I believe a successful BYOD program for phones & tablets will lead the way to similar initiatives for laptops.
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The NexusOne sounds worthy of consideration when I'll be looking at new phones next month. As someone who's "Gone Google" the integration with Google Apps is enticing. I'm eager to see how Google voice will tie in with the device.
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Jan 5, 2010