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Hey Dave, As usual you bring up another interesting view of the "Group Coupon" concept. I whole-heartedly agree with you on the idea of "Price Erosion" and the ultimate long-term challenges it presents to small business. I will have to step back and think deeply about the "up-sell" process that you suggest. One would think that would be standard practice (when using group coupons) and the mere fact that you have to bring it up... well frankly, it concerns me. To suggest that enough small business owners in America don't default to that action (as a condition of utilizing the group coupon concept) baffles me. It is no wonder the vast majority of small business surveyed, grade themselves a "D" when it comes to marketing and innovation. (Source: Small Business Success Index, Feb. 2011 - Network Solutions) Not surprisingly, as I type this, I would almost want to extend a word of caution concerning the up-sell process. If it is done haphazardly or aggressively it could cause some serious customer mistrust and backlash. As part of our cure, for Marketing Deficit Disorder at, we have deeply embraced the group coupon concept and use it specifically for charitable fund raising and for the immediate liquidation of overstock items. I hope you would agree that there are better, proven, and more profitable ways for business owners to get prospects in the door. Respectfully yours, Jimmy Slagle
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Mar 30, 2011