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@ frances, "But elsewhere, when people are free to choose, they often choose large houses and gardens and roads over walkable communities and monorails." 1. Pragmatically, how often is the choice actually offered? 2. Suburbs are a really stupid living arrangement, bad for those who live there and society in that they contribute to erosion of social capital, and have process costs... though the costs are to some degree externalized (infrastructure comes to mind) 3. See Zizek on the neighbour, harassment, for critical theory with respects to this, "The Disneyland approach - making poverty disappear by excluding the poor – is cheap and effective, but unfortunately not generalizable to society as a whole." 1. See disenfranchized in the U.K, gated communities in U.S., helipads and urban slums in south america, the rich don't like to mix with the poor... @ mike, "Disneyland is essentially a small communist island powered by the larger capitalist society that exists beside it; " 1. How so? 2. I am inclined to agree with Frances husbnd here: " not to confuse socialism and fascism."
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Jul 12, 2010