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Old, fat and bald hobbyist
Interests: reading, woodworking, metalworking, OTR, sci-fi, fantasy, wargames, military, history, computers, models, science
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I bought my Sony ICF-2001 new back in 1981 or 2. I remember it went on sale at the RAF Upper Heyford BX for around $185. I'd lusted after it when it was near $300, but couldn't justify it. I'm still using it today.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on eBay Radio Sighting: Sony ICF-2001 at Herculodge
You're probably long gone, but here's an educated guess anyway. I don't have one (actually, I just ordered a kit), but a long wire and ground connection will work best. The binding posts on the left are for antenna and ground. Usually hanging several (the more the merrier) feet of wire as high as you can (like ceiling or from a tree or even out the window) will work OK. Of course the better the antenna, the better reception. The traditional ground connection is a cold water pipe.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2007 on Radiomann Tube Radio Kit at Retro Thing
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