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You're bring back memories of one of my favorite places in Colorado. Many years ago when I was teaching rock climbing in Boulder, we would go up to RMNP on our off days to climb the east face of Longs Peak, also called "The Diamond". Its an impressive wall, even for non-climbers, if you get a chance its only a 5 mile hike into Mills Glacier at the base.
Howard, You didn't say which model 4G Jetpack you got, but just for info, the current Verizon Jetpack which is a Novatel 4620L does have an external atenna port under that small black rubber grommet (on the same side as the USB socket). PS: Millenicom has a plan with this same Verizon 4G Jetpack for about the same price with 20Gig data allowance.
If the heat keeps up, after your next rally drive about 100 miles west (I90 & US16) up into the BigHorn Mtn National Forest. You can easily get up to 8,000 - 10,000 ft and find some cool boondocking spots with the "it" factor.
Since you will already have visited the Black Hills & Devils Tower, think about using those 2 weeks between rallies to go west to Buffalo Wy and take Hwy 16 up into the Big Horn Mtns, lots of great remote boondocking sites right off Hwy 16 in the National Forest.
Good explaination of your analysis Howard. I agree with your conclusions.
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Dec 19, 2010