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Peter you need to get laid man!!!
streaming is okay but has anyone heard how much longer Netflix will be shipping DVDS?
boy streaming is just bad.
I have had it with this. Streaming sucks so this has to stop. Do you think making people wait 28 days will help sales you must be on drugs if you think this will matter.
I watched VUDU and Amazon and the picture is real good. The streaming of netflix movies is bad and i will not pay for the crap picture they put out
The picture is just bad with streaming! I have a very fast network but the picture can't even come close to dvd or blu-ray. i have paid lots of money for my tv and want a good picture streaming is for older non hd tvs.
can't wait to se 50/50
good day for blu-ray fans like me
get a life people. stop crying like a bitch
Streaming will not cut it!! I have gone to blockbuster online love it!
I have a BB near me and go there once a week plus i have bb online i hate streaming and they do what i need new movies without the 28day delay! Streamflix will not last much longer so i am glad bb is still there!
Boy i am glad i don't stream
I know everybody loves the eagles but how come nobody talks about there OL they are starting 2 rookies as well but nobody said much about that! Bank on it the eagles will not be in the Super bowl! Green Bay is the team to beat right now!
There are more plans then you are showing so get a clue! Plus you get new movies and don't have to wait 28 days!
People try BB ONLINE they are giving a 2 free week trial! BB takes 2 days to get movies and about the same for returns! But they are cheaper give it a try!
I know somebody that works for netflix and she tells me that the Streaming is not going as well for netflix like they thought it would and this move is to get the focus back to dvd by mail and that the problems that netflix is having with streaming could make netflix go back to dvd more than streaming!
Going with 3 at a time with blu-ray. this is the best thing that could happen for me because I was paying more and i can't stand streaming now i can get want i want!
I can't stand streaming so i will get the dics only plan with blu-ray!
I want to let you know i just called netfix and it is for new members only right now!!
yes this is what i been waiting for can't stand streaming about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did ever hear of a store where you could get blu-ray oh wait you stream don't have to leave the house good to know.
Blu-ray my friend is the best way to watch a movie. If you had a very nice tv with 1080p you would never want to stream the crap streamflix put out there. picture is pure shit
Who cares! All i care about is getting blu-rays!
Go to Blockbuster that's where i go if you want new movies. Streamflix is not your number one place for new movies.
you people need to get a life!! There is other things to do then stream movies what a bunch of losers!! When Streamflix goes down what are you people going to do?