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In true Swiftian fashion, can I point out that the disputatious groups are actually Big-Endian and Little-Endian!
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2018 on Changing the agenda at Stumbling and Mumbling
mikep -- I think that's it. It originally appeared in the old Soviet satirical magazine "Krokodil".
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2016 on Tories' target fetishism at Stumbling and Mumbling
Decades ago at a conference, I asked a speaker whether it was feasible to expect rapid economic growth in the midst of extreme income inequality. He was scornful. That conference was about Egypt! It's distressing to find that we now find ourselves asking the same question about the UK and other developed economies.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2014 on Why not wage-led growth? at Stumbling and Mumbling
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Oct 3, 2014