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Dear Shareholders, Below is the link to the Supreme Court of Canada website, our case 37438. Both motions, leave and certiorari, were dismissed. 2017-06-01 Decision on the application for leave to appeal, Abe Ka Br, The motion for an order of certiorari is dismissed. The motion to adduce new... Continue reading
Congratulations to Lanny McDonald on his induction into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. You can read more about it here: As our representative plaintiff, he presented the following evidence in court on June 15, 2016 to the Appeal Court. It is clear from this Computershare letter that the... Continue reading
You might want to bookmark this docket number: 37438, so you can keep track of the progress through the Supreme Court of Canada. Continue reading
PROVE IT! Here's what the Alberta Appeal Panel stated in a decision on December 23, 2016 "The panel never ruled during the oral argument that the fresh evidence was admissible, and merely confirmed that it could be referred to. The fact that the evidence was subsequently ruled inadmissible is not... Continue reading
Where is the accountability for the Alberta Courts? What is their justification for not releasing the transcripts? What do they have to hide? Is the Canadian Judicial Council participating in a cover-up? Continue reading
Have the judges been influenced by Brookfield? It's real simple. The evidence on record shows that “they did” [Birch] and the Alberta Court decision states “they did NOT.” Is the English different in Alberta? If it’s like English elsewhere, then clearly there has been a miscarriage of justice. It doesn't... Continue reading
Excerpt from complaint to the Appeal Panel: f. the Appeal Panel has chosen to ignore the evidence that the Appeal Panel confirmed was part of the evidentiary record and which evidence proves that there is a genuine issue requiring a trial: i. the Appeal Panel in the December 05, 2016... Continue reading
Dear Shareholders, If you can accept that the Alberta Court of Appeal decision states: Birch "... did not have the funds available to pay that interest, ..." with the evidence we submitted that states: [Doug Rowe to Brookfield] "I noted that ComputerShare had the cheque and we had the funds... Continue reading
Update: After the December 5th, 2016 decision from the Alberta Court of Appeal we submitted a request for the transcripts of the court hearing that took place on June 15th, 2016. We were denied the transcripts. We wrote letters to the Appeal Court asking why. But, it was just "no"... Continue reading
Dear Shareholders, We have applied for leave to the Supreme Court of Canada. It was a lot of work to accomplish in a short amount of time but as you see we are on the docket - they accepted our application. If the SCC approves the leave, we will be... Continue reading
I don't know if we can compete with @realTrump but please "love" and "retweet" today as much as possible. Continue reading
Update: Lanny will be interviewed on Thursday afternoon. Tweeting will commence on Friday, the 20th, to include that video. That is now the plan. Check back here for changes. --------------------------------- Those in attendance at the hearing heard one of the three Judges say 2 things: "something smells" and "is there... Continue reading
The Appeal Panel suggested that we "apply to the panel for clarification." d. the Appeal Panel, in the December 23, 2016 Judgment advised the class members as to the proper procedure to seek clarification to correct errors in the Judgment and we have followed this “proper procedure”: “5 Secondly, it... Continue reading
If you have signed the Petition to urge the court to release the transcript – Thank You. If you have not – please do so. There is still a little time left. It will now be submitted to the Appeal Court on Monday, January 14, 2017. The link to the... Continue reading
WHAT DON'T THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW? The website has been updated with the latest correspondence between our legal and the Alberta Courts regarding the release of the transcripts. On the case development tab you can read the verbal boxing match with the court. December 8, 2016 December... Continue reading
Dear Shareholders, To everyone who took the time to sign the petition - Thank You! Every avenue of recourse has been explored and implemented with regard to the injustice we have suffered. ***A shareholder who attended the June 15, 2016 hearing reported to other shareholders that one of the judges... Continue reading
Hope your holidays were happily spent with family and friends and the New Year brings you new joy and prosperity. On Monday, December 5th, we received the decision on our appeal and we did not prevail as expected. You can read the court decision here: (You may need to... Continue reading
Yes. We are still waiting. The court date was June 15th. We're approaching the 6 month mark and the holiday period. There is no insight as to when we might have a decision. Hang in there!! Continue reading
Anyone familiar with naked shorting recognized the pattern on the Birch Mountain stock chart. Coupled with the Reg Sho and the Fails to Deliver list the naked short pattern is confirmed. It corrupts market integrity. Who is behind the naked shorts? Who has the most to gain? Many times naked... Continue reading
Dear Shareholders, A great sadness abounds today. Words are inadequate to convey the shock and sorrow of the sudden loss of John Mazag to cancer. Click here or copy and paste link to sign guest book: Most of us know him through his efforts to help with all things... Continue reading
Do you have your Birch trading records? Now might be a good time to start gathering them together. It's been 8 years and you may have stashed the records in a box somewhere in dark corner of the garage and forgotten about them. Or, maybe you dumped them in the... Continue reading
The transcripts will NOT be forthcoming as expected. We have to submit to a series of protocols and permissions. It will happen. We just don't know WHEN it will happen. We can't imagine that the decision from the Appeal Court will take as long as it took Justice Strekaf to... Continue reading
We were in court from approximately 10 am until 3 pm. It was enough time to address many of the finer particulars of the case. We cannot speculate on the outcome and must now wait for a decision. It could be several months. However, check back with us here on... Continue reading