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Here's the odd thing about the Democrat-Gazette's web access. Yes, you have to pay to visit its site at But no, you don't have to pay to read its content at Let me explain. The Democrat-Gazette publishes an edition in the Northwest Arkansas area of Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers, where there's competition with the Morning News. The company that owns the Democrat-Gazette also publishes a couple of strictly local papers in the Northwest Arkansas market. So they put their local papers on the web site, plus the content from the Northwest Arkansas edition of the Denocrat-Gazette, all for free. The NW Ark edition of the Democrat-Gazette contains, I'd estimate, about 85 percent of the same content as in the Little Rock edition. It won't have Little Rock city government or Little Rock school district stories, but it will have the main state, national, sports, style and editorial section news that you'd be paying for if you went to Just about everyone in Little Rock who wants to know this knows this.