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got one looks better with a mohawk and earings
Just got a tablet so i downloaded sl go on google play logged in and tried to start it but it wont let me in so i gave up its a waste of time. i not going to every add credit card info since second life is rated by my bank as a corupt organisation i get a text from the fraud department if it involves second life. so unless its made free i wont ever be using it
Rodvik this is what you do, now listen carefully as this will make you alot of money. Develop multi stack sim environments to make 100,000 seater stadium's in second life, imagine having a super group like u2 or Duran Duran wanting to do a gig in second life to that many people all at the same time and streamed out as well one gig could be watched by millions of people world wide, are you seeing the possibilities. It is possible for this to happen right now, its up to you to make it happen simple im sure you can do it, or some one else will do it and leave you behind
There is one reason why people do not explore Second life. There are thousands of sims in second life and the destination guide only feature a couple of hundred sims. I actively go looking for new sims to explore that are not on the guide as it is very limited and does not do second justice but the majority of people with slow computers will not be able to find interesting place due to grey lag. Linden Labs no for a fact that once they address the lag in second life buy trebbling the current bandwidth to all users this will wipe out the lagg issues and then second life will become a more fluid place for all users but it will also ean that second life will be ripe for a take over by google or microsoft
I dont get it, the majority of people in second life are adults why are they using imagery that may interest a 5 year old to sign up. I bet using this sign up page numbers for a sign up will rapidly reduce the numbers and it will be replaced with some thing that relates to the actual people who use Second Life. This image dose not make me want to create an account in second life, in fact it makes me want to find an alternative that is more intersting. But I suppose the image is aimed at the gay community because they have more free cash avalable Second Life Realms Music by Velvet underground Velvet Underground-Venus In Furs ... if you watch carefully you will see how a newbie gets into Second life realms by being kicked through the portal by one on the regulars its a great sport come and try it out at a portal near you Filmed at Violet welcome area
The FBI are in second life a girl i no in sl got death treats in sl from multiple individuals in the usa and then one of this gang did some thing else to someones parents in rl any way the police were called and because it went accross borders the FBI were brought in and now one of that gang is in jail doing time. He got caught through a combination of sl skype
So what is his job description what will he do. I bet after he has been in the job for a year, it will still be laggy as hell and we will still fall through the floor on sim border crossings, voice will still be annoying as hell because of people that red line. I see from his cv he is into video dose this mean he will improve the viewer to allow for better machinima, Like making all the buttons on an Xbox 360 controller work, or introducing the kinenectics into SL. I no there is wind in second life so when will we get dust blowing stuff around like rubbish blow in the wind, or flocks of random birds flying around. while I'm at it I want to see a hole bunch of visual effects that go beyond the wind light settings 3D would be cool to. Because I film in second life and I turn off the UI to film I want a detachable window that can sit on another screen with all my custom favourite menus so I can change settings while filming with out having to stop start every time. Basically I want a completely new viewer that works and wasn't designed by committee of none sl users
Here is a video i shot there last night very cool and wonderful build congratulation to everyone involved in the project
Machinima is in its infancy, as it was back in 1930's when Fritz Lang's Metropolis 12 hour epic came out. If we listen to the critics and only make what they want to see or adhere to there limited attention span we can only expect bite sized videos with no real content but a tease of what is possible in a snap shot of a moment. It will never be the job of a critic to tell us what to make or how to make it, only to tell us what they think of the finished result
So what you're saying is you want a video that gives you a blow job and makes you come in less than 3 minute and then she pays you 50 bucks on the way out, that video i want to see lol
The real Terry Gilliam is dead isnt he died recsently
cant teleport to that location for some reason
which one of your children is the best, there all good lol these are the videos duran duran using in there stage set
I bet my cat will still fall through the floor and end upside down when crossing sim borders lol
I bet my cat will still fall through the floor and end upside down when crossing sim borders lol
Hey just to let you no when i made the videos use by Duran Duran in there live stage set, i used fraps no cgi and just filmed there sim at certain times when events were being held at there sim, i made the videos because i am a fan of the band and i really like them alot, and i did it for free to, although it would be nice to get some groupees out of it lol. Personally i think its really cool that the band likes my videos ennough to use them on stage infront of thousands of people wooooohoooo!/180697/3265080 This link is to the videos Duran Duran used for there live stage show Yayyyyyy. My videos are famous although i still havent recieved my groupees yet or my bowl of green m&m's LoL
This is why I don't sell on Market place you have to have land to drop the market box on to. I don't have land any more,so I cant sell any thing. OK Rodvik are you listening. Make it so market place keeps the box not the land. box the item in world then send it boxed in an im to your account and the item goes on sale automatically job done Simple
I am well known for making crappy videos in second life, if i ask permission to film at your place and dont get, but still film there would you take me to court for disobeying your rules. I am interested because i want to see the tos policy on machinima in sl clarified in no uncertain terms what we can and can not do. Because there are 30,000 sims in sl and some times i feel like i have to bring a lawyer along just to film at a sim some times. From my understanding of the way the internets work if you dont want any one to film in your sim, you should block access to it stop me and everyone else gaining access to it. But you want people to come to your sim and take photos which is ok but it sounds to me like your all take and no give. hey i dont want to start a war with your sim over this as im just venting so dont take it the wrong way
i could'nt help but notice on that samsung promo video all the speaker are wearing suits but they have had there ties removed, it makes them look contrived and fake like some one has purposley told everyone to remove there ties when you no the all arrived wearing a ties These are 3 other links to the snow crash machinima competition that i no of, I wouldn't want to think that this blog is being biased by only reporting on one of the competitors in this competition or maybe it is, i think Spiral Silverstar has produced a great video but everyone else also deserves a fair crack of the whip to Just went there made a video to of the in your head experience. kinda cool to if it worked.