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I also use these dates to plan ahead. This change will lead to me watching LESS streaming titles, not more. By the time I realize a show is about to expire it will be too late for me to fit it into my schedule.
Yes, as of about two years ago almost all streaming sites are blocked. Obviously, I don't care about not being able to play a Netflix stream (though I do wish I could have access to tweak my queue from time to time), but I really hate not being able to listen to MLB games anymore.
House of cards, indeed.
I'm with these fine commenters and don't understand the moaning and groaning going on throughout the interwebs. When I see the Starz Play logo, I run. Worst quality stuff on Netflix. Who cares if it's a good movie if it looks like crap. As far as I'm concerned, the Netflix ghetto will finally be gone, and this is a day for rejoicing.
Time to buy some Netflix stock.
Ironically, a few months ago I was clamoring for a disc only plan, but like Johnny Utah, I recently discovered the 5.1 HD content available through my PS3, which I use for content not available on Blu-ray. Also my kids started watching all the time, so oh well.
Yeah, it sucks (unless you only want or the other), but with their turnaround times it's still a good deal.
@Mark My thoughts exactly.
Forget crappy streams. I'll use whichever offers the best selection & value for Blu-Rays. Right now that's Blockbuster Online. I dropped to 1 at-a-time from Netflix and upped BB to 3 at-a-time.
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Mar 10, 2011