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> 日本は欧米のアジア植民地化を止めさせる為に アジア諸国独立のために頑張った こんな馬鹿な事を未だに平気で言う日本人も居るし。。。はぁ。。。日本は何時まで都合の良い現実逃れをするべきなんだ。
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You might be interested in this fascinating new economical concept called "Collaborative Consumption"...: Watch the TED presentation here:
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Miss Clara, unfortunately, there still seems to be some bigoted, racist, idiotic, immature, unenlightened children who cannot even hold a decent rational conversation like proper adults in this country. The emotional reaction against anything that has to do with China and/or Korea are predictably reactionary and knee-jerk. I mean really, I can't stand it. I really don't have much for this country... What disappoints me is that these sort of things are tolerated, or at least people are indifferent to, in this country. I mean, isn't this like saying "Those dirty Jews! We would never do any business with them!" in Germany? I mean I'm sure that may still happen, but it's largely taboo/illegal, right? So why, oh why, do these sort of things happen in this country? I am really rather losing hope... I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. How do you deal with all the negativity in this country, miss Clara?
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Aug 16, 2011