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Well I am one of those who has been disappointed by most of you who love distracting yourselves, but I know what you mean... I misunderstood this site as well,, I should be somewhere else conversing with other people who actually care about the world instead of all you sheep... I'll leave you people alone from now on to distract yourselves and say you "care" about the well-being of the earth when you really don't,, just being on here using your computers for countless hours adds and supports all the coal industries and keeps the system of taking from the earth alive... hopefully a lot of you will change with time and stop wasting so much time... Old European Men have destroyed the earth, and we keep supporting them
I had high hopes for this online "community" when i first joined... I thought people would be conversing about how we need to start changing the world, especially by changing ourselves first, but I am extremely saddened to see that... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at AVATAR
Are you just thinking about how entertained you were and how "cool" the movie was? Or are you actually thinking about the meaning of the movie and how horrible and destructive humans have been and are being to the earth and all of it's inhabitants, and how we need to change it?
I know, I can't change the world alone.....
I wrote something but it didn't go through... so i have to write it again..... well,,, I've been thinking about this for awhile as well and have been wanting to but first if we did go we should just join an already existing group of people and help and contribute with them.... But the main thing that gets me is that if we did leave this rotten place to go live peacefully with the earth how we want,, we are just running away from the problem... I would be much happier and joyful to be living with the earth, knowing that I am not contributing to the the destruction anymore, but it would still be going on and we wouldn't be doing anything to stop it or fix it..... But this system has been going on for so long now it's almost impossible to change it... but there is always that chance right? and someone needs to start it and take charge right? so yea,, tell me what you think, cuz it's still always in my mind if I should just forget it and let this place kill itself and the world and just go live how I want to,, or if I should stay and keep studying to try to change this place from the destruction it's heading towards.. Where do you live? I'm from southern california, home to some of the most ignorant dumb asses on earth
yea man why are you wasting your time posting something about yourself like this???? It's sickening man,, and plus , music nowadays is one of the most extreme forms of distraction for us humans.... do something better with your time
For some reason I can't comment straight to you NATURALGROWER so I commented on my post replying to you,, I'm just gonna put it up here just in case becuase i don't think you'll notice it,, hopefully you'll see it... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2010 at AVATAR
To naturalgrower...I was almost done writing you a long response about how I feel and what I do and am doing but It felt too personal and unnecessary and maybe a waste of time for you too... but just so you know, all that you mentioned i put into practice with my life. I know of all the contaminated food as well and what to buy and support so I am not contributing to further the destruction of the earth... for now I'll keep this short but I would love to keep in contact with you in the future, if you wanted to as well, from just sharing ideas to maybe one day coming up with a plan or idea to making a difference besides the small things we can do for ourselves and making those small steps... Here in southern california there are very few people like us which is why I feel like i can't do anything at times,, people are too misinformed/ oblivious/ arrogant to care... But yea, I would love to help each other out. I'm only 21 and I'm still deciding what path I am going to take to make a difference, so I have a lot of thinking to do. Well thanks again for that comment, gives me good spirit to know you are out there as well as others..
I have never been a part of a community post thing like this or blogging crap,, but this seems like a good place and the right time to let my ideals out.. For one thing, i'm grateful from reading some... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2010 at AVATAR
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Jan 13, 2010