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Interestingly – Both my husband and I were raised in Christian Science. Which if anyone is wondering is NOT Scientology (not that there is anything wrong with that)  Anyway, when we were dating, we lived in Charleston SC where church was a very social thing. Everyone went - no matter what. We choose our church based on where we wanted to get married. (I know, not very honorable-but it saved us some money). It was First Scots Presbyterian. We liked the pastor and his message, and were pretty much entertained by all that the church did differently from how we grew up. After we married we went a couple of times to church with friends and family we were visiting them. My husband is (what I call) an angry atheist. So he cares A LOT about where we go and what we do spiritually wise. For awhile we celebrated Solstice instead of Christmas. (yeah, that kind of angry) I believe in a higher power, and very often find comfort and help in Buddhist writings. So I have no idea where that puts me. I know for sure I don’t take the Bible literally. I find almost all of what Jesus had to say as good, and wonderful example of a human being, but so was Gandhi. I don’t believe that any one group has it totally right either. A few months before our first child was born. I started to notice how really religious our friends were. (BTW did I mention we are in the Air Force?) Before any of us had kids the subject of spirituality or religion never came up. But once we all started procreating I started to learn that I was surrounded by conservative Christians. My husbands suggestion was that we just pretend, go along with the crowd, just pick a church a fake it. He was still an angry atheist but no one else knew that but me. I thought his whole idea was ridiculous and completely the wrong way to start off on a spiritual journey as a family unit. So one day I was on a website for military mothers and it was a atheist forum or something like that. I ask what all these others ladies did with their children. That was when I was introduced to Unitarian Universalism. I had never heard of that before. Anyway, to make a long story short (too late) We went to a UU church and I REALLY liked it. Mason tolerated it, and that was good enough for me. We had our son dedicated there after he was born. I think the idea of church and community, plus the education of our children in the Bible in general and in traditions is very important. As a stay at home mom (who lives away from her family) I find a lot of support in my church. I think that it is important for my son to be around other adults (not just teachers or babysitters) who can be friends and mentors to him as he grows up. I am so grateful that a organized religion like UU exists. I want my son to be fully educated in ALL of the Worlds religions. He can decide where his own spirituality lies as he gets older. I want to give him the facts, so that he will be armed if he ever gets approached with fear or hate. We still celebrate Christmas (he got over that whole thing) and we have started celebrating Passover as well as Easter. We continue to make a big deal out of Thanksgiving, since I love the message (whether or not it is historically accurate). I love your blog, and reading everything you and others have to share. Hope you found my story interesting. Keep it up! Julia
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