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As the mother of a young son, I agree with your position that the current portrayal of emasculated men has the potential to be harmful to their self-image, but I think the issue is larger than that. These so-called "funny" sitcoms are also portraying female characters as mean, bitchy, overpowering women. It's true that women have changed the scales quiet a bit in terms of numbers of women in the workforce, pay scale and challenging traditional male vs female roles. These shows suggest that there is something ludicrous with a woman working while the man stays at home or a man who changes diapers. There are all types of family situations in today's economic realities, both parents working, dad's staying home and women being the primary bread winner. I know families who fit into all those categories today and the reality is that these couples are true partners, nobody is dominating anyone. As a working mom, I don't want my son or daughter thinking there is anything wrong or funny about a successful mommy or a dad who likes to spend time with his kids.
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Peppercom used to have a client that bartered unsold merchandise. One of my favorite items in their showroom was "Sport Shots,' various liquors packaged in a plastic sports bottle. So, as you're rounding mile 10 in your next 1/2 marathon, you can take few quick gulps of Peppermint Schnapps.
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May 5, 2011