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Yes, the $29.98 plan is 4-out plus streaming. Personally, I'm dropping down to a DVD only plan. Redbox isn't an option because I don't watch many current, box office movies and I'm pretty sure those Redboxes don't have classic and foreign cinema in them. I hate the price hikes but I still save way more money by renting through Netflix than I would blind buying everything I want to see. My purchases have gone way down but I've still gotten a great film education.
Sorry, the 4 out plan is $29.98. Typo.
Unlimited Streaming + DVD: 1/1598; 2/1998; 3/2398; 4/2498; 5/3598; 6/4098; 7/4598; 8/5198. Unlimited DVD (no streaming): 1/799; 2/1199; 3/1599; 4/2199; 5/2799; 6/3299; 7/3799; 8/4399. Odd how the streaming plans are .98 and the non-streaming plans are .99.
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Jun 7, 2011