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Make sure the domain name is available FIRST, before settling on a name. You need your own fan database on your own domain. The shorter, the better ... and make sure you can get the .com, not the "I got here late" .net or all that other bulls¡t now. Your email address is going to be, so make it not lame. Anyone who tells you its OK to only use social media is a fucking idiot. I bet those people don't have the names, email addresses, cities and cell phone numbers of even their top ten Facebook fans. What's the point of likes, shares and follows if they alone will never let you quit your day job? If you're just a hobbyist, most of this advice is unnecessary anyway. If you're trying to make a living – domain name first. THEN a logo, then social media. If you get this sh¡t backwards you're going to be frustrated for a loooong time. It will just delay the inevitable conclusion that it is really difficult to find enough true fans (in real life) to support your art. John | Mü
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This happened in January?!? That's nine months ago! Why are they just letting people know now? Its a little late to save those passwords. They are already out in the wild. Nice job, ReverbNation. Thanks for thinking of your customers.
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Apr 23, 2012