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Bruce, I LOVE these burning question posts. They are a bright spot in my day. Thank you!
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Mr. Kerns, Thank you for bringing to light these important points. I hope every law firm leader, partner and associate finds your post and becomes inspired to take action. I have been in the legal industry as a marketer for over 15 years and have seen first hand the scenario you describe. What puzzles me most is that law firms buy very expensive professional liability insurance policies yet have shallow (even misguided) protections in place. With due respect, I believe that the lack of risk management systems in the practice of law can be attributed to the competitive environment embedded in aspiring lawyers from the minute they take the LSAT to the class rank they receive when they graduate and the status of the law firm that recruits them. Throughout, this process rewards individual achievement over any sort of collaboration. Law students are taught that questions of doubt are a weakness that can be attacked by an opponent and although this mentality is necessary for negotiation and trial work, it is counter intuitive to organizational process improvement. It doesn’t surprise me that lawyers do not see mistakes as opportunities for improvement but rather something to hide from your peers because that is what they are taught in order to survive in their profession. Until law schools can find a better approach, I think it will be a difficult paradigm to change.
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Jul 6, 2010