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You may need to scroll down to the "Partial Menu" section and expand out the AutoCAD (acad) tree to get to those. Jeff Lotan IMAGINiT Technologies
Hi Gabby V., That is a great question, you can enable it in the CUI dialog when you edit the workspace OR enter MENUBAR at the command line, set it to 1 and re-save your workspace. If you did want the ribbon, then enter RIBBON at the command line and re-save the workspace. Customize away! Jeff Lotan
Hi Kasey, If you load that point cloud into a brand new project with nothing else in it does it crash? if so, it could be a corrupt point cloud or too much for the program and system to handle. If not, then I'd try upgrading the graphics driver. Best regards, Jeff Lotan
Hi Babymeo, I'm sorry that didn't work for you. If you need further assistance, then please contact us at 888-528-4765 for installation help. Also note that AutoCAD 2014 is not supported on Win 8.1 per the link above. Best regards, Jeff Lotan
You can find the System Requirements at: However, I'd look to the future and get something built for 2014. I look at those system requirements as the base MINIMUM to run AutoCAD/Autodesk software programs. The 4 biggest things for speed are CPU, RAM, 32-bit 64-bit (a must) and hard drive speed. If you're saving files on a network drive then that will also have an affect. Jeff Lotan IMAGINiT Technologies
Hi Kristen, At the command line enter QTEXT and hit enter. Set it to OFF Then enter REGENALL at the command line. The box should be gone from your text now. Jeff Lotan
Patrik, I'm sorry, no I don't know why there is a difference. Open the .zip files and see what is added/different/new in the larger one. Jeff Lotan
I'm glad we could help! :)
It may be consuming anywhere from 1 to 3 in your example above. It all depends on these factors. 1) Are you running an older version and is it obtaining its own feature code or a suite feature code? 2) Are there other licenses in the license file that have that feature code in it? 3) Are all the lower licenses already consumed. If you have an AutoCAD 2013 and a Building Design Suite 2013 licenses in the license file. You are the first one in and no one else has any licenses. If you run AutoCAD 2013 it will consume the AuoCAD 2013 license, then run Revit it will consume the BDS 2013 license. Thus consuming two licenses, but after a short period of time (0-45 minutes) the AutoCAD will "piggyback" on the BDS license. Now, same situation as above but you run AutoCAD 2011, then it will consume the AutoCAD license, run Revit 2011 it will consume the BDS license. You will consume 2 licenses, it cannot piggyback. They will ONLY piggyback if they consume the Suite feature code instead of their own individual feature codes. To fully understand the network licensing and cascading you need to know the feature codes. Final note: When you install the AutoCAD program from the Suite, it is still AutoCAD and first looks for the AutoCAD feature code FIRST in the entire license file. You did not install a Suite, you installed AutoCAD. That is a rule and there are exceptions to the rule, but use that rule when installing. One of the exceptions is 2013 Revit from BDS Premium or Ultimate, do not install it from there, install it from the Revit or Revit Suite media instead or it will not obtain the lower licenses. See my blog on Revit 1 box. And the Autodesk blog:
Some of the Autodesk programs have that feature, some do not. I don't have Inventor installed so I couldn't say. If it does, then look in the same place for it. Best regards, Jeff Lotan | Solution Center Sr. Technical Support Specialist IMAGINiT Technologies
Typically 3DCONFIG runs fine. The program ships with some default values within the valid range. Sometimes, and I have no idea how it can happen, you get an invalid setting that brings up an error like above. Maybe a crash, a lisp routine or Arx gone haywire. I've seen it with grid spacing, snap spacing, and a few others. We just need to enter a valid value. The trick is finding what setting to fix. Jeff Lotan
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Jan 28, 2011