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One of the key takeaways from about building mental strength for leaders is building that strength often comes from coaching. Great leaders have great coaches. When you "arrive" at your leadership position (C-Suite, VP, manager, supervisor, etc,) your learning is just beginning. Make sure you invest in leadership coaching or your mind will grow weak.
Dan, This is a great list--thanks for sharing. You are obviously a great leader by putting out this list! I would also add that great leaders should "never put themselves above the organization." Too many supposed leaders have too big egos. Those over inflated egos can lead them to thinking they are above the organization they are leading. They are not. As you noted, the best leaders are the best servants. Mark
Anthony, Loved the post--especially the Star Trek references! When it comes to the compliance points you make, I would add another Star Trek quote and analogy: "Scotty...I need more power!" "I'm giving it all she's got Captain" Credit unions need more compliance power. And the 2012 Credit Union Compliance GPS gives them just that. You are spot on that the GPS manual is just the power they need! Mark
If you market to women, the men will follow. However, I would also recommend credit unions better define which subset of the female market they are seeking. "Women" marketing is too large a group. Is it single moms, working women, stay at home moms, young professionals, mom-prenuers, prime time women, etc.? The more you can refine and define that female audience, the better chances you will have of reaching them.
The stats are staggering--and suggest a powerful target market for credit unions. Many credit unions are already pulling out of the new car business because they simply can't compete with the dealers. Going the used car loan route is a great strategic move. Based on your post, I would also suggest that credit unions heavily market their own warranty programs. This is a great source of additional income. Another action step to take with this demographic is develop some type of video promotion (for example, have Gen Y members post a 60 second flip video on why they need a used car).
Mike, Thanks for the comment. You are on target with the service comparison. Credit unions need to understand that we are not competing as retailers. We must think like retailers. We must act like retailers. We must serve like retailers. Mark
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Mar 5, 2010