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"Clinton knew he was screwed." Which, in his mind and others, was different from having sex. Anyway, I don't really accept your reasoning in full. After all, Clinton's presidency was not destroyed -- he served his eight years and so forth. As to the trust matter, yes it was important, but his emphatic defenses of what many knew to be false (they just didn't want to know about it ... the difference with France is not the cheating, it is that they know how to be more discreet about it) was simply put stupid as well as self-defeating. Likewise, in a sense, it was when he was on the defensive that he was most popular. Not only here, but also in his battles with Newt etc. There was an "enemy," a "right wing conspiracy" to oppose. As to Bush having a chance, well he was re-elected and so forth. He is playing the system pretty well ... where are all the investigations and special prosecutors (okayed by the Clinton Justice Dept ... I'm sure Bush could have avoided many of them, even under the old law)? Impeachment is deemed even by many Democrats as silly to even bring up. Finally, he really doesn't completely trust that the people will trust him because he is the President. Thus, the secrecy, misleading defenses, and hesistance to actually forthrightly and openly put forth his policy inclinations. This as much as the substance of them is the major problem, to the level of despising, so many people have with him and his fellow travellers. This applies to this specific matter too.
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