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James McNally
Toronto, Canada
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Hmm...thought I'd commented before, but in any case: Very excited for you, not to mention envious. Looking forward to hearing about what great films you uncover in Europe. Hopefully we'll see you at Hot Docs in a few months, too!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on A Whole Lotta This and That at Still in Motion
Yikes, the fact that it's taken me so long to arrive here to read your excellent post tells me something. There's too much noise on the web, and the fact that it's my job to live here just makes stopping by my old pal's digital lawn that much more pleasurable. Looking forward to some rousing new stuff to read from you! And I hope your example will inspire me, too!
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2009 on Writing for Real. at Kevin Smokler
Ooh, I want this! I read his non-fiction book The Long Emergency and it depressed me, and I'm now reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, which is depressing me. And I know this one will depress me. But I can't resist! It's like the literary equivalent of listening to The Smiths. I love misery!
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Congratulations, Ben and Mena! Your best looking creation yet! ;)
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2007 on Radio Silence Produces New Product Tester at Nested
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