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I think flextime is a great idea, except that sometimes certain employees, and typically the minority, start to abuse the system. You're absolutely right that the setup can build resentment among co-workers who are not able to take advantage of flextime, and that can be compounded by the boss or co-worker who tosses on a jacket at 3 p.m. and says, "See you later." I think the key is to establish a workflow. There's a difference between, "Hey, I'm heading out...Gotta catch the 4:30 matinee" and "I'm heading home to finish that report. I'll have it e-mailed for review by 8 p.m." The difference, of course, is accountability. But I'm interested to hear where it works and how different companies manage the system.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2006 on What Do I Care? at Training Day
Heather, sorry, my comment wasn't aimed at you -- I was just thinking big picture. I was wondering if anyone had examples of training-on-the-fly working, because while it doesn't seem preferable in theory, I didn't know if it ever worked in application. Anyone?
So, is reactive training ever a good thing? Some might say people do well under pressure and can come up with effective ideas when the heat is on, but others would want a well-thought-out, let-cool-heads-prevail atmosphere to develop training for emergency situations. Does it depend on the situation or the trainers involved? Would you trust a program developed on the fly? What if your safety depended on it?