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Jim Forbes, now retired in rural San Diego, was the founding producer of DemoMobile and the editor of the award-winning Demo and DemoWeek newsletters, as well as a Sr. Editor with InfoWorld, PCWeek and other publications. I follow mobile technology and internet marketing closely.
Interests: Fishing, getting seasick chasing tuna, organic gardening and all things mobile
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Jun 10, 2020
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Jun 10, 2020
thanks for reading. People can do recover from strokes, no matter how old they are.I honestly believe that remaining act-ve and intellectually curious is a huge help in coming back.
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My buddy from West Sac is one of my fishing scouts he says he limited Saturday morning, only about 30 people were fishing and he got in with no problems. the temp was in the Sixties, qind at about 5 knots, good bites on power bait.--Jim Forbes
Stew, glad to see you're back blogging. Great post. I too am now a regular Virgin America flyer and i've come to depend on WiFi during my flights. I'm sureprised you didn't offer to whip out your flair nut drivers and offer to tighten all the connections on the turbine's fuel feed lines while you were also diagnosing their inflght WiFi router. keep it up Stew, best, jim
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