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I highly recommend the above video. The lesson is basically that you have to give up on some of the meat nestled among the bones in order to get nice, usable filets. Also interesting to learn that sea robins are also called gurnards.
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Mar 15, 2010
I simply cannot figure out how to edit my typelists/sidebars/whatever. I can't find anyplace that will let me do it.
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Thanks for the comment, Prof. Chen. I actually do devote several pages near the end of the book to nonlinear, evolutionary economic models, and speculate that they may be where financial market theory is headed. I didn't give them more play simply because I was writing an intellectual history of modern financial economics, not a treatise on where I think economics ought to go.
@gj: Read the book, then come back and comment.
@Ritholtz: This is my self-promotional site. Clearly, I'm not doing enough of it. ;-)