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Hello, Ruth~ I'm not too swift when it comes to links and cyberspace and the like, so I'm guessing this message is probably in the wrong area, since it has nothing to do with chicken brine but a lot to do with your book, Tender to the Bone. I discovered you through the audio of Toast, and I'm loving listening to your NY tinged reading of your wonderful book. I have to listen while driving because your book is on tape and my car possessed the only tape player since I've joined the CD and iPod world. Thought about picking up an old tape player at Goodwill just so I could listen to your book on tape in the comfort of my home, rather than eagerly pushing the "on" button on trips to the store or idling in my driveway! The longer my drive the better so that I may listen to your adventures into the world of food. Gosh, your mother is a riot! So much to say, but I've just finished the second tape and looking forward to my drive to the mall later today. Ha! Thanks for your parents for creating such an amazing child who grew into such an incredible writer and cook! You are well-seasoned.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2010 on Chicken Brine at Ruth Reichl
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Jun 28, 2010