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Thank you for sharing! Now I have a reading list as I have only read Nickel and Dimed and Savage Inequalities. I am making up for 15 years of lost reading time when my kids were babies. I have a student just like you. Her name is Margaret, and she always has her nose in a novel during math work time. After stating, "I am sure that you are mature enough to choose whether or not to do your homework in class", I let her be. I stifle a smile, knowing that books open the world up to us.
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This would be a fun addition to the craft room for me & my tween girls if it involves glitter. Woud be fun no matter what it involves.
I am celebrating my strength today. I took a fall on the icy driveway and am very aware of strong bones, muscles, and tendons.
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Nov 21, 2010